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Think about a geography which has been a homeland for many people, states, kingdoms, empires and religions for centuries.

Mediterranean and Aegean, those two regions are cradle of civilizations which goes at least five millennia back. Where the East met the West, coexisted and mixed their cultures like a melting pot.

In those regions, when certain elements mixed perfectly for quite a while – the ancient knowledge of the past, joy of living of its people, bright Mediterranean sun and Aegean breeze, fertile and pristine lands of Anatolia – the inevitable happened. People developed high expectations for fine and healthy food, which turned into a lifestyle.

It’s quite difficult for a person from those regions to enjoy and appreciate a low-quality food or drink, they will surely ask for more. That’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

That’s also our story. Exceptional quality and healthy foods should not be luxury, it is a necessity. We, from those lands – asked for better all the time, always appreciated fine tastes – decided seek and bring high quality, natural and healthy foods from those lands to you.

We set off on a long journey, we will certainly continue to find and bring many more tasty treasures from those lands, that’s our promise.



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